if you must know

So here’s my quick bio. I was born in DC and currently live in Northern Virginia. I took an art class as an elective taught by Peter Winant at George Mason University in VA.  I caught the art bug so to speak and decided to change paths and get an art degree.

My first child was born my senior year and when I graduated I stopped doing art and got a job outside of that field. At the end of 2009 I started making things again and at the end of 2010 I started trying to show publicly. I’m not planning on stopping again.

I’m currently a project manager for an IT company like one in every five people in the DC area


George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

B.A. in Art and Visual Technology, Cum Laude, Minor in Art History



2012           Coup d’Espace at Washington Project for the Arts (January)


2012           Expo 31: National Juried Competition / b.j. spoke gallery / Juror: Margot Norton, Assistant

                   Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art (March)

2011           Utopias - Cade Center for Fine Arts Gallery - National Juried Show - Juror: Jeffry Cudlin 

2011           Artomatic@Frederick

2011           But Is It Art - Wonderbox , Washington DC - Juror: Alex Ventura

2011           Flat File through Washington Project for the Arts at (e)merge art fair

2011           DCAC Wall Mountables

2011           Art Deck - O, Washington DC Project – Touchstone Gallery

2011           Planning Process - AAC (Arlington Arts Center), Juror: Helen Allen

2011           12”×12″: A      National Juried Exhibition of Small Scale Works of Art - MTSU   

                   Todd Art Gallery, Juror: Hamlett Dobbins

2004           Where the Propane Gasline Is - George Mason University

2004           Innovations - George Mason University

2004           AVT Student Exhibition - George Mason University


2011           Artslant 6th Round 2011 Juried Showcase Winner

2011           Artslant 3rd Round 2011 Showcase Winner

2011           ArtSlant 2nd Round 2011 Showcase Winner

2011           3RD Place, 12”×12″: A National Juried Exhibition of Small Scale Works of Art  

                    - MTSU Todd Art Gallery

2004           Academic and Artistic Achievement Award in Sculpture - George  

                   Mason University

My wife Erin and I met shortly after she graduated from Harvard and moved from Boston to DC to go to law school. She’s currently a lawyer for a technology company (like one in five, ok one in ten, in the DC area). We have three wonderful daughters. My family is incredibly supportive of all the time I spend doing art and I think they may even like some of it!

This is Molly the dog. She is easily duped into wearing whatever the kids come up with. I’m pretty certain she was not as enamored with this as we were. She’s a good girl.

This is Maggie the cat. She is much too dignified to even think about participating in any of Molly’s escapades. Plus she’s much harder to catch. She’s also a good girl.