let go

After spending a considerable amount of time and effort on this piece for Artomatic of Frederick and getting it around half way completed the local fire marshal said I had to take it down because it was a flammable material and he was afraid someone would maliciously take a lighter to it. An odd choice considering most of the material in this show is flammable. I’m glad other artists were left alone but was displeased at the double standard.

I was able to talk him into letting me finish it so I could at least document it. These are just pictures from my phone’s camera because it’s all I had on me at the time and I was out of town. Fortunately a photographer was brought in so I’ll have more pictures and video of this piece in the future.

It’s made up of napkins that are connected by small gauge wire and is approximately 6’h x 18’8"w x 9’d. There was supposed to be a collaboration, originally set up by the organizers of this event, with an aerial dance company who were going to perform in the open space in the middle of the work. Hopefully I’ll be able to recreate this piece in a different space in the future and realize the collaboration as well.