rain spout

This is made up of plastic rain spouts, threaded rod, washers, nuts, strong monofilament, eyelets, and a large screw normally put in the ground to anchor dog chains. I drilled holes in the spouts so the threaded rod would fit through and put washers and nuts on either side of each spout to keep them in place. The key was to get just the right fit so that the spouts would still rotate easily in the breeze.

The eyelet on the top of the rod had monofilament tied on to it which was then wrapped around and tied off to a large tree branch above which held the weight of the work. The eyelet on the bottom was tied off to a large screw which was placed in the ground to keep the piece stable. I tied off the monofilament on either end as tightly as I could to keep the rod still so all the energy would go to the spouts rotating and not the rod moving around in the wind.