site specific

The only requirement for this one was that it had to be site specific. I walked around campus and came across the branch you see laying on the ground at this very spot which was kind of strange because there were no trees overhead that it could have fallen from.

The rest of the piece is just made up of three 2×4′s and twine. I used a blow torch to char the outside of the wood. The three pieces of wood on the column have holes drilled through at the top where the twine runs through them. The only thing holding them up is the friction of the twine on the cement helped by the weight of the wood.

It’s difficult to see but the 2×4 in the first picture is suspended with twine which I tied around the concrete beam closest to the building, then looped over the beam in the foreground, and then extended to and tied off on the railing in the third picture.

Although it’s tough to make out in the pictures the twine visually led the viewer to the 2×4 on the far end of the roof. It also added a light and flexible material to the piece that contrasted with the solidity of the wood.

This was another piece for that first sculpture class that I really enjoyed making. It was one of my favorites.